Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Wore: Unrelenting Jealousy and a Graduation

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Unrelenting Jealousy and a Graduation

Get ready to feel some burning jealousy...
Bike Lane Dress // Anthropologie
Jackie Cardigan // J. Crew (worn here)
Belt // Marshall's (similar here)
Shoes // Steve Madden via Marshall's (similar here)
Bracelets // Forever 21 (worn here, similar  (herehere and here)
I scored the long sold out Bike Lane Dress from Anthropologie.  It was already 10% off because it was the last one left and was missing a button, but then, sneaky me applied my 15% off birthday discount!!!  And I sewed on a new button.  I feel like I really got you Anthro...oh wait, but then I bought another dress and some other miscellaneous items.  Ok, Anthro, you got me and a good portion of my bank account.  And it's back to the spending freeze.

Ok, enough about my awesome super saving skills and my fabulous dress.  

I took my fabulous dress with me to the Scot's graduation.  I somehow managed to get into the car only 15 minutes late and as I sat down, the strap on my dress broke.  (Don't worry, they're the removable kind of straps.)  I had to make a last minute decision of ripping off the other strap or reattaching the broken one.  I managed to tie my dress back up.  Once we get ourselves into the graduation venue, the Scot texts me that he's lost his tassel.  I sweet talked an usher into getting him a new one.  And when I say "sweet talked" I mean they had an entire box of extra tassels.  So, after a morning of wardrobe malfunctions, I was ready to do this graduation thing.  I had some snacks, a juice box and my Kindle.  I was totally ready for a 3 hour graduation jamboree.  Ok, I know some of you are thinking I was super rude by not paying attention to the celebration of life achievement, but you can not tell me that you would pay attention to what was essentially two and half hours of someone reading a list of names.  Oh, AND it was at the Izod Center in the Meadowlands, so it's not like I could see anything.  I paid attention when the Scot's name was called....and then I went back to sipping on my juice box and reading my stories.

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