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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: A Big Fat Scottish Wedding

Dress // Banana Republic Mad Men Collection (similar here) | Necklace and Rings // Banana Republic (similar here) | Shoes // Steve Madden (worn here, similar here) | Earrings // Jewel Mint (similar here and here) |
Hair piece // Be Chic Accessories | Bracelet // Bauble Bar
I put on my wedding hair doo-dad and went to a big ol' Scottish wedding.  The wedding was in Ayrshire at the Brig o' Doon Hotel.  As the name suggests, the hotel looks out over the Brig 'o Doon, made famous by Robert Burns' poem Tam o' Shanter.  It's a pretty nice bridge.  I really wish I had something more profound or eloquent to say about one of the most famous bridges, but I don't.  It's a really pretty bridge though.

There was lots of dancing around in a circle, singing, and men in skirts.  I'm not really sure what dances I did, but they were in a circle and there was quite a bit of jumping.  I think I at least participated in the Circassian Circle dance, and then jumped up and down in a circle to Bonny Loch Lomond.  I know it wasn't the electric slide or the Macarena.  The exposed man leg aside, a Scottish wedding is very similar, yet different, from an American wedding.  First, there is no official start time to the cocktail hour.  You just show up whenever you want to start the drinking, which can result in a wedding reception that lasts 10 hours.  Also, there was NO FOOD AT THE COCKTAIL HOUR.  I was not informed of this and was HUNGRY by the time I got to the reception.  Those Scots, always thinking about drinking and not food.  Scots, you do a lot of things right, but I need to introduce you to the way of the New Jersey wedding cocktail hour.  You haven't lived until you've eaten at a mashed potato bar.  Thankfully, there was bread on the table as soon as we entered the reception hall.  I might have also eaten the Scot's bread.  For what they lacked in cocktail hour food they made up for in late night snacks.  Around 10 pm they brought out more cake and some egg sandwiches.  This was much appreciated by the drunk masses.  
Ok, besides the cocktail hour mis-communication, there was one more difference.  Have you ever heard "I Gotta Feeling" sung with a Scottish accent?  Consider yourself lucky.  I'm obviously quite partial to the Scottish accent and even I did not like it.  However, there is one thing that all weddings have in common and one thing that unites people around the globe: BON JOVI. "You Give Love a Bad Name" sounds a little odd in a Scottish accent, but I appreciated the effort and showed my appreciation by dancing my booty off.

And the night ended with the Scot wearing my hair doo-dad.  The Scot told me not to buy a big hat, so instead I bought an understated fascinator.  I totally needed a big hat.  There were so many big hats.  Next time, I am going to have the biggest hat you've ever seen.

I know, I probably did not give you enough kilt with this post, but stay tuned for tomorrow when I'll be giving you a guided tour of kilt attire.  If you like men in skirts...this is the blog you want to be reading tomorrow.

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