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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Photo Hunt

So, I found a new location indoors to take pictures that gets a bit more natural light.  However, I did not prep this location for a photo shoot.  (Also, I don't know why I look like a cross-eyed mannequin.)  Can you find three things in this photo that evidence my laziness?
Polyvore Set
Bird Print Blouse // Old Navy
No. 2 Pencil Skirt and Necklace // J. Crew, worn here, similar here
Brown Sweater Tights // Hue
Belt and Shoes // Target, worn here, similar shoes here
Are you tired of this belt / shoe combo yet?  (I also wore this combo here)

According to this photo, I can not be bothered to put away holiday decorations on time, return a space heater to the rental office or clean up dog toys.  I never blogged about it because my anger was too all consuming and I didn't want to seem crazy, but my apartment had no heat for almost an entire month.  To remedy this problem, my landlord gave me a space heater.  Yeah, that helped...NOT!  The heat was only fixed after a certain litigious tenant called the local Board of Health and alerted them that the landlord was breaking several laws by not providing heat.  I will not reveal the identity of this tenant.  
Any way, back to my laziness.  This picture was taken several weeks after Valentine's Day and after the heat was returned.  And I really need to accept the fact that a dog can not pick up after herself.  And I really need to find a different location for photos that doesn't include a dog bed.

And I want to give a little shout out to Katie at Hems for Her, who is also a proud owner of this blouse.  TWO bloggers have this shirt, it must be awesome, right?!

I don't know if those are scratches on my table or cat hairs.  Either is very possible.

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