Penniless Socialite: A Chambray Retrospective

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Chambray Retrospective

It's time for my weekly link up with Long Distance Loving and this week's theme is near and dear to my heart: Chambray!

Oh chambray shirt, we've been through so much together...

On St. Patrick's Day I paired you with my green denim.
Seen Here
And then we pranced around together in Elena's apartment for a photo shoot and practiced some pattern mixing.
Seen Here
And then I paired you with more colored denim and threw you under a sweater for casual Friday.
Seen Here
And we went to a wine tasting together.
Seen Here
Where will we go next?  Maybe to work with a pencil skirt?  Or just with some more colored denim?
Friday's Fancie's: Chambray 
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