Penniless Socialite: What I Wore Wednesday: Lingering Fears and Pattern Mixing

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: Lingering Fears and Pattern Mixing

Dress // Gap Factory Outlet (similar here); Floral Chambray shirt // TJ Maxx (similar here); Flip Flops // Marshall's (similar here in silver);
Necklace // J.Crew Factory (worn here, similar here)

Oh you though I only mixed TWO patterns?  Nope, surprise third pattern courtesy of Sally Hansen nail strips from Target.
I'm especially proud of this arm party.
Laguna Beach Bangles // Bauble Bar; Buckle Bracelet // Forever 21 (worn here)
I'm not afraid of heights or spiders or snakes.  My fears are much more weird and irrational.  As you can see from the photos above, I am no longer afraid of pattern mixing.  One of my biggest fears: garbage disposals.  I will never ever have one of those things.  Do you want to know from where my fear of garbage disposals stems?  A Fear Street book.  99 Fear Street: The First Horror, to be exact.  (I know I talk a lot about childhood books and especially about R.L. Stine books.  I should start a young adult horror book club.)  Anyways, the 99 Fear Street trilogy is about the most haunted house on Fear Street.  I'm just going to cut right to the chase and give you no background here.  A family moves into the house and the boyfriend of one of the daughters tries to fix the garbage disposal and gets his hand mangled after the evil spirit turns on the garbage disposal.  I believe the exact phrase the wordsmith R.J. Stine used was "a mangled pulp."  Yep, never sticking my hand in a garbage disposal....ever.  Now you know.  Teen horror novels scare me more than any thing sensible.

Today is a busy day. I'm guest posting over at Little Slice of Special AND linking up with Marion Berry for her trend of the month challenge

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