Penniless Socialite: Was this really necessary? Magnetic Nail Polish

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Was this really necessary? Magnetic Nail Polish

Today in my inbox was a little email from Sephora entitled: "The Next Big Thing in Nails." I immediately opened it thinking it was going to be some new color line or something totally awesome that would blow my mind. Instead, it was magnetic nail polish from Nail's Inc.

Am I totally off base here? Is this really awesome and I am just being cranky?  Personally, I think this is a little weird AND it doesn't even look that good.

The way this stuff works is there is iron powder in the nail polish.  The cap on the nail polish has a magnet in it that contains a pattern.  When the magnet is held over the polish the iron particles gravitate towards the magnet in the pattern.

I'm just not convinced this is all that awesome and I don't know if I am willing to spend $16 to find out.  Maybe if I was allowed to somehow create a pattern of my choice I would be more impressed.

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