Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Wore: Tucked Peplum Tank (OOTD 11.29.11)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stuff I Wore: Tucked Peplum Tank (OOTD 11.29.11)

I've been really behind on my outfit posts lately.  I bought some much stuff on Black Friday (and since then), I haven't been able to keep up.  Since I wore this outfit over a week ago and I have the short term memory of a goldfish, I have no witty story to accompany this outfit, only a Polyvore set.  I've been trying to play around with the photos in Picnik and Photoshop.  Sadly, I only have Photoshop CS2 and not much of a clue how to de-noise the pictures and make them better.  Any tips would be welcome!  A new camera is on my wishlist and I am planning on getting one after the holidays.

Tucked Peplum Tank // Anthropologie
Black Pencil Skirt // Mossimo // Target (similar)
Black Tights // Target
Leopard Flats // Jessica Simpson (similar)
Halation Necklace // Anthropologie (similar)
Cardigan // Gap

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