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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In the Caboodle: Mary Kay Goodies

Mary Kay Goodies

I drank the Kool Aid and purchased some Mary Kay goodies.  I recently won a "pamper pack" during a happy hour at a bar.  Finally!  My drinking has paid off!  I got to go to a Mary Kay studio, try out some products and then spend my $50 gift card!  (I had to supplement a little with some of my own cash because I liked too many things!).  Here's the swag I cam home with:

1. Mineral Powder Foundation: I had never used a powder foundation.  I've been a liquid girl all my life.  I am now a convert because of this stuff.  It's light, but still provides great coverage.

2. Cream Eye Color in Iced Cocoa and Beach Blonde: Mary Kay got me again.  I've been a powder eye shadow lady forever.  Cream eye shadow always sinks into my old lady eye lid creases.  However, this stuff manages to stay put all day.  And it doesn't hurt that it feels really nice and silky and has a good amount of pigment.

3. TimeWise Firming Eye Cream: And speaking of old lady creases, I've never bought an eye cream before.  Never thought I needed it.  Well, this stuff is like those Reebok pump sneakers for your under eye.  It also has some reflecty stuff in it that minimizes dark circles.

4. NouriShine Lip Gloss in Fancy Nancy: Nothing special to report here.  It's lip gloss.  I just really liked the color.

5. Oil Free Makeup Remover: This is hands down the best make up remover ever.  I removed a day's worth of my caked on black gel liner with one fell swoop.  I usually wake up with some black gunk piled in my tear ducts, even after using make up remover and washing my face.  But, not with this stuff.

6. Cream Blush in Sheer Bliss: This is the silkiest cream blush I have ever felt.  It's not as long lasting as my Clinque, but it has a nice little sparkle in it that I just can't resist.

So, have you ever tried Mary Kay?

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