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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

In the Caboodle: Benefit Fake Up

Fake up Review

I have been searching every where for a concealer that actually covers my dark circles and doesn't bleed into my old lady creases. I had pretty much given up and decided I was just too old and wrinkled to wear concealer any more.  
Fake Up promises a lot.  It promises crease control, hydration, coverage of dark under eye circles, and light diffusion.  That is a big bill of goods.  
Fake Up comes in a silver and pink lipstick tube.  The "tube" of concealer is actually two products: a hydration ring and a concealer core.  The ring hydrates and the core conceals.  I think the reason this concealer stays out of my creases is because it helps prevent them by actually hydrating under my eyes.  
The coverage is definitely lightweight, so this is an everyday concealer.  I have to save the serious stuff (like Erase Paste) for those once in a blue moon hang over days.  
It's super easy to apply....just swipe the stick under your eyes and blend a bit with your finger.
The coverage lasts for about three hours, but you can stretch it to a full 8 hour day if you set it with powder).
The only downside is that it only comes in three shades (light, medium and dark).  So, if the shades they offer are not right for you, you may be out of luck.
So far in all my travels, this is the best concealer I've tried.
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