Penniless Socialite: Starting Fresh

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Starting Fresh

I am going to be starting 2015 off fresh with this blog thanks to a newly purchased planner.  A blank planner always gives me such a sense of hope.  I think about all the things I can fill it with over the next year.  I know that an online planner or a digital one would probably be a little more "blogger-savy."  But, I don't get the same satisfaction when I type into a list as when I hand write a list....and then cross stuff out.

With starting a new job, buying a house, and planning a wedding in 2014, the blog took a back seat.  However, when I don't blog I get sad.  I actually enjoy this little corner of the internet I have created.  I know you see all the time how bloggers quit because they start to find it a burden.  I don't.  Blogging is my outlet...all the other stuff is a burden...haha.  Therefore, I have vowed to post 5 days per week and to get my butt organized.  Well, I won't actually be organizing my butt, but I will be better organized in terms of my posts.  Get ready blog world!  Penniless Socialite will be back with a bang in 2015!
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