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Monday, July 20, 2015

Savannah-Style Weddings with Rent the Runway

Savannah is one of the oldest cities in the country and it just exudes romance and southern charm.  So, naturally, it's become a wedding destination.  And, naturally, you can get an outfit full of old-world glamour from Rent The Runway.  However, you need to temper that romance with the fact that is is HOT down in Savannah!  Therefore, you want to go for outfits with light and bright colors and breathable fabrics and sophisticated silhouettes.  If you're going to go for a more pastel and romantic look, do not go too light.  Don't go anywhere near white.  I, personally  even like to stay away from pale pink.  Don't Kelly Kapoor it.  I don't care how good you look in white.  Just don't do it!  
RTR Savannah Wedding 1

With my feelings on wearing white to a wedding fully out there, I have to caution you on this first dress.  Yes, it's floral, but there is a white background.  I would only wear this to a wedding where you know the bride and know she is not a crazy bridezilla.  I caution you on this dress.  It perfectly fits the Savannah theme and I can picture myself strolling down a cobblestone street with Spanish moss dripping off the trees.  However, a lady's wedding day is one of the few days of her life that she gets to be irrational and make crazy demands and no one can fault her for it.  If this dress is "too white" for the bride's liking.  Don't wear it.
RTR Savannah 2

This dress is classic southern-ness.  I just picture myself sipping a mint julep under an old willow tree in this dress.  I love the sexy silhouette and the coy off the shoulder look.  I picture this with a bold lip color.
RTR Savannah Wedding 3

The rich brocade fabric of this dress just screams southern elegance, but the color is perfect for a warm summer's day.  I love it paired with some sparkle.

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