Penniless Socialite: Legal Stuff

Legal Stuff

I only feature items and content that I personally love.  So, here are some of the boring old rules:
I reserve the right to decline advertising space to any one.  If your blog or shop or whatever does not fit with the content or theme of this blog, I will simply say no.  No hard feelings!  I am sometimes (less often that I would like...haha) contacted by retailers who want me to share something with my readers.  If the product is something I would use or buy, I agree to receive the product as a gift.  I do not have a formal written agreement for this, but stay-tuned and I will get all lawyer-y.  Items that I receive as gifts are labeled "c/o" in my outfit posts.  I will always give my honest opinion about a product.  I haven't received a crappy item yet, but if I do, I will tell my readers about my displeasure.  So, as you can guess, I don't do paid reviews.  All opinions that appear on my blog are mine and I am not paid to say any thing.
My blog is also a part of various affiliate marketing networks (check out my sidebar). By clicking on the affiliate buttons in the sidebar or some of the links in my outfit posts, I may receive a small commission. Some of my outfit post links are not connected to affiliates, but that's because they didn't have an item I wanted to link to.
Information is collected from readers for statistical purposes. If you enter a giveaway on my blog, your information may be shared with the business sponsoring the giveaway for the purpose of verifying an entry or prize delivery.  I ask that those sponsoring my giveaway not use the information for other purposes, however, I can not control everyone.  Therefore, I am not responsible if information you supplied in the course of a giveaway entry is used by a third party.  If purchasing an item from my "shop my closet" store, I will collect your information to ensure delivery of items purchased and for no other reason.

I reserve the right to delete any comments.  I get it, I post pictures of myself on the internets, so I should be prepared for negative comments.  But, let's try to play nice.  If you don't like my outfit, that's one thing...tell me how to improve it (even if it's to never wear it again).  If you want to make any comments about weight or other body issues...this is not the place to do it.  This is a positive environment for ladies of all shapes and sizes.  If you don't have something nice to say, don't say any thing at all.   
And please, if you want to advertise something, don't spam up my comments.  Just email me and we can talk about advertising in a non-annoying way.

If you release information to me in the course of sponsorship you should know that I would never sell, rent or add your information to any mailing list without your consent.  The same goes for commenters.  Because, that's just rude.

Most photos on the website were taken by me or my boyfriend.  If you wish to use them, just ask and give me credit!  Anything that looks like stock photos (i.e. too good to be mine) it's from Stock Vault.

If you sponsor my blog, purchase something from my store or comment on my blog, you are agreeing to the applicable terms above.
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