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Email me for options (, but here are some standard options:

200x200 sidebar ad: $10 per month Sale! $5 per month!

Post-footer ad: $20 per month Sale! $10 per month!

Sponsored posts: price varies

Discounts available for multiple-month bookings!

Stats as of 1/22/16
  • 1,196 likes on Facebook
  • 1,573 Twitter followers
  • 3,027 followers on Bloglovin'
  • 922 Instagram followers
  • 711 Pinterest followers
  • ~15,000 pageviews per month
If you own a retail store, I offer special options to shop owners, please email me at for more information.

Product Reviews, Giveaways, Etc.
For shops that offer me product for review or a giveaway, I offer 200x200 button space at a discount plus the opportunity to be featured in an outfit post with an interview.  Just email me at for more information.

All items given to me free of charge will be marked as "c/o" in my outfit posts and I will provide my own opinion.  I'll also post your reviewed item on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + or whatever new social media thingie comes out.

Please be advised that all reviews on Penniless Socialite are based on my own review of the product.  I can not guarantee a positive review.  I will also not forward any content for pre-approval.  All products received for review will be clearly marked as such.
Make sure to read my Legal Stuff page before sponsoring.
*I reserve the right to reject advertisers that I do not feel fit the theme of this blog.
*Please be advised that the start dates of ads reflected below may be inaccurate.  Your start date is not set until you receive confirmation that your ad has been approved.

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