Penniless Socialite: Holiday Gifts Under $25

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Gifts Under $25

My friends from college are doing a secret santa this year with a limit of $25.  I think we all get into a gift slump when it comes to buying little gifts for co-workers, teachers, or secret santas.  Some of us don't want to get yet another Bath and Body Works gift set or a Yankee candle and others of us can't give home baked goods because of the lack of baking ability.

1. SEPHORA by OPI Manhattan Minis Collection ($22).  When I have time I change my nail polish color twice a week.  (I know it's bad for my nails, I don't need the lecture).  So, Sephora's mini nail polishes are perfect because you get a sample of several different colors.  Is it wrong that my crazy brain wants to paint each nail a different color using this set?
2. Lilly Pulitzer Photo Ornaments (17.95)  I have actually used these as gift tags by slipping the name in where the photo goes.  But, a package of three makes a great gift.  I also have these hanging on a skinny wall in my bedroom in a vertical line.  Seriously, who doesn't love picture frames?
3. Victoria'S Secret Sexy Little Things® Noir Tease Mini Gift Set ($18.00).  These gift sets are great and are on sale in stores 2/$25 right now!  Maybe Tease is a little too sexy a gift for a kid's teacher, but the sets come in my favorite Victoria's Secret scent, Heavenly.
4. Threadless T-shirts (some as low as $9) - These shirts are cute AND funny AND cheap.  There are so many designs that you can definitely make this a thoughtful gift.
5. Buxom Swinger Girls Buxom Swinger Girls ($20).  I can not say enough good things about Buxom lip gloss.  It comes in great colors, moisturizes and stays on forever.  You will coat your wine glass in a thick coat of lip gloss while wearing this. 
6. Electronic catch Phrase ($24).  This game is awesome.  If you don't know how Catch Phrase works, you are just not a fun person...haha.  It really livens up a party or is just fun for sitting around.  Just don't try to play it with a Scot with a thick accent and no knowledge of pop culture.  You will be amazed at how competitive (and angry) people get.  
7. J. Crew Horseshoe Necklace ($18).  It's cute and what girl is going to turn down jewelry?
8. Juicy Couture hair accessory ($21).  Rhinestones, need I say more?
9. Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 2) ($25).  I got these for my mom for Mother's Day and she loved them.  They're useful and chic.
10. Anthropologie Christmas Ornaments.  Ok, some of their ornaments are ridiculously priced, but that adoreable little owl is only $11.20 on sale.  There's also a hedgehog and, my personal favorite, a narwhal (sold out online).  
11. The Little Dictionary of Fashion ($14).  This is the perfect gift for a fashionista.  Christian Dior lays down the laws of what to wear to a wedding, how to tie a scarf and how to walk with grace (maybe something I need to learn to do).  And who better to tell you than the pinnacle of fashion: Dior?

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