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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Wedding Wear

Ok, I did wear the Dulcie Dress on New Year's, but I was really saving it for the wedding I just went to.  Please ignore my bad grammar.  It's been a long week.
Dulcie Dress // Anthropologie, worn here, similar here
Tights // Joe Fresh
Clutch // Vera Bradley, similar here
Shoes // Guess, similar here
Earrings, ring and bracelet // Macy's, similar ring, similar earrings, similar bracelet

But, back on point, this wedding was AMAZING.  And I am not just saying that because I got to prance around in the Dulcie all night.  Yeah, I got compliments on it.  I love those.  
Oh, right, back to the wedding.  There was a bride and a groom and some heartfelt speeches, but more importantly, there was more food than I could handle.  Highlights: veggie dumplings at the cocktail hour AND oreo-filled zeppolis at the viennese table.  Well, the viennese table was more like a room, I mean heaven.  It is a really good thing I don't believe in Spanx because there was no way I could have fit 2 oreo zeppolis inside Spanx.  Yeah, I went back for seconds on those.  Don't judge.  

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