Penniless Socialite: Friday's Fancies: Let's Hit the Beach!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Let's Hit the Beach!

This week's Friday's Fancies theme is beach wear.  Yikes! You probably stopped by here thinking you were going to see pictures of me in a bathing suit...sick people.  Well, that is one thing you will never see here.  Or did you stop by here thinking I'd be talking about the Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Healthcare Act?  Again, wrong place.  Do you know what my LAW office was mostly discussing yesterday?  The new keyless entry system on the bathrooms.  Yes, that's right.  Our bathrooms are more secure than Fort Knox and you need a special code to get in.  The next step is retinal scans.

Oh yeah, back to some beach wear.  This summer I really want one of those high-waisted retro style bikinis.  However, I am not sure if it will hide or accentuate a belly.  What are your thoughts on this trend?  My favorite is Anthro's Star Scattered Bikini, but the top is sold out online. 

Friday's Fancies: Beachy Chic

1. Bikini, H&M, £25
2. Aye Aye Cabin Two piece, Modcloth, $90
3. Orange Grove Bikini, Bottoms, $30, Top $40
4. Vivacious Bikini, Anthropologie, $50 (each piece)
5. Star Scattered Bikini, Anthropologie, $40 (each piece)

 And of course I had to add some sun protection into this montage with hats and sunscreen in SPF 900.  My sunscreen is pretty much like spackle.  My pastey alabaster complexion doesn't mix well with the sun.  I should have also added a baggy t shirt to this collage because I usually have to have one of those at the beach with me.  Yeah, I look really appealing at the beach.

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