Penniless Socialite: Friday's Fancies: On the Road Again (and an Anthro Review)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Fancies: On the Road Again (and an Anthro Review)

I even try to look fabulous when I'm travelling, whether by plane, train or automobile.  I've come a long way from my college days when I thought that pajama pants were appropriate to be worn outside of my bedroom.  I still yearn for the comfort of my jammies when I'm crammed in a car or on a plane for awhile, but I still want to look good when I get to my destination.  Because if I'm traveling, it means there is a vacation waiting for me at the end and I want to get to the partying ASAP.  
Friday's Fancies: Road Trip

Tara's tips for traveling fabulously:
1. Pick a comfy centerpiece for your outfit.  Whether it's jeans or a dress, make sure it doesn't wrinkle.   I went with Anthropologie's Feline Karma Dress.
Yeah, I tried the dress on last weekend at Anthro and fell in love:

Mini Review: I love the material of this dress.  It's like a soft canvas, so it doesn't wrinkle, but has great structure.  The dress looks A LOT shorter on the hanger.  It hit me at about the knee and I'm 5'3".  The top fit a little loose in the 8, so I would size down to a 6 for purchase.  I think the top has enough coverage even for busty gals.  AND IT HAS POCKETS!!  I am going to wait another 2 weeks for it to hit sale and then I am buying no matter what.
2. If you  go with a dress, wear some leggings.  You won't have any of those embarrassing crotch moments exiting the car made famous by Lindsey Lohan and you won't have to sit lady-like on a long plane ride.

3. Layers!  It's amazing how much your body temperature fluctuates on the car.  (and I am always FREEZING on a plane).  J. Crew's Jackie Cardigans are perfect for layering.

4. Comfy shoes, like my Steve Madden boots, are a must!  I like to travel in boots because I can easily cover up my embarrassing travel socks (see #5).  I never travel in flip flops because my feet get cold in the car and on a plane and I'm afraid of getting my toes squished in a crowd at the airport.

5. Cozy socks keep my feet warm in an air conditioned car or on a cold plane of recycled air.  I always travel with goofy socks.

6. Don't forget the snacks!

And when you reach your destination, you need to be ready to PARTY!!

7.  Swap out your comfy layers for a fun blazer.  I like this SheInside blazer because it's the perfect shade of pale pink and has an interesting silhouette.

8. A statement necklace and earrings provide a quick transformation from travel to glam.  I picked out some goodies from Bauble Bar for my transformation: Gold Crystal Mix Necklace and Beryl Bubble Drop Earrings.

9.  Don't forget your arm candy!  I love this Dazzle bracelet from JewelIq.  This is not a necessity, I just like this bracelet.

10. Last minute beauty essentials.  I can make due as long as my hair looks good (thank you dry shampoo), my breath is fresh and I can dab on a little mascara and lip gloss.

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