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Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Very Veggie Thanksgiving

very veggie thanksgiving

The most annoying question I get as a vegetarian is: "What do you eat on Thanksgiving?"  I usually answer, " that I can sleep through the barrage of stupid questions like that."  But in reality, there are tons of things I eat at Thanksgiving.  Think about all the appetizers...not much meat in a cheese plate or various dips.  Also, think about all of the glorious sides at dinner.  Pretty much at Thanksgiving the only thing that has meat in it is the turkey.  Well, here are some of my personal meat-free favs.  (You can get the recipes by clicking on the links because I don't take pictures when I cook...and I obviously have not started cooking yet for Thanksgiving).

Spinach and Artichoke Dip (and don't forget the bread bowl!)
Brushcetta (with little crusty breads...duh)

And you should always arrange your appetizers prettyily (that's a word) for your guests like so:

Side Dishes (aka my dinner)
Sweet Potato Casserole (it needs pineapple and marshmallow, but make sure to use vegetarian-friendly ones like these)
Stuffing (Unfortunately Stove Top is not vegetarian)
Cranberry Sauce...Ocean Spray in the can.  It needs that delicious can shape with the lines.
Baked shouldn't need a's a combination of cheese, sauce and pasta (I grew up in an Italian-American household...a tray of baked ziti or lasagna is never far away on a holiday)

So there you have it...I eat a lot on Thanksgiving.

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