Penniless Socialite: Snow Day Fun with Jolly Chic

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day Fun with Jolly Chic

Vest: c/o Jolly Chic (similar) | Gingham Shirt: J. Crew Factory (worn, similar) | 
Necklace: StyleLately (worn, similar) | Shoes: Gap (via Poshmark) (similar) | 
Bracelets: c/o Yuni Kelly (exact) & Sira Mara (exact)

Maybe this title is a bit of a lie.  I am in no way having any fun with our snow days here in New Jersey.
In the last week I have cleaned about 2 feet of snow off my car.  Just this morning after cleaning 8 inches of snow off my car I discovered a nice little inch of ice!  Woot!  And, the fun didn't stop there.  I also discovered what frost nip is. (look it up, you've probably had it before).  When my hands started to hurt and then went numb, I decided it was time to tap out and let the Scot finish the job.  And I frantically rain inside and Googled, "painful numb hands" and "can I lose a finger from shoveling out my car?"  I also learned that just because gloves are cute and stripey, does not mean they are good gloves.     
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