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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In the Caboodle: Naked Reviews

Urban Decay has been expanding their Naked line recently, adding a BB cream, foundation, powder and lip gloss.  As a huge fan of their Naked palettes, I knew I had to try out some (or all) of the new products.

Naked Review
Naked Review by veggielawyer featuring a lip gloss

Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder: I was the most excited to try out their new loose powder.  I've always loved UD's Razor Sharp powder; however, I have an intense and burning hatred for that stupid sponge brush applicator on the container.  So, I never bought a full size of it.  I was hoping that hte Naked Ultra Definition Powder was the Razor Powder in better packaging.  It's's better.  The Naked Ultra Definition Powder is supposed to be a finishing powder, but it's so much more.  It sets make up beautifully and keeps my undereye goop in place all day long.  It claims to have some sort of light reflecting properties that "optically blur" imperfections.  This just sounds like a bunch of words strung together.  My take on contains fairy dust that hide my crow's feet and cavernous pores.  It also has enough tint to it that I think it acts like a powder foundation.  I've worn this just over some moisturizer for a casual daytime look with no worries.  And as an added bonus, it makes my skin feel smooth and silky.

Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss: My thoughts on this lip gloss are not as voluminous as those on the finishing powder.  It's pretty good, but has it's flaws.  The pros are that it's super light and not sticky (i.e. my hair doesn't stick to my lips when the wind blows).  The con is that it's not very long lasting.  This is not a gloss to wear out to dinner or drinking.  You'll have to reapply 75 times.  It is, however, a great running around on the weekend gloss. In case you were wondering....I have a gloss for every occasion.

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