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Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: Marimekko for Banana Republic

I was super duper excited when I learned that Banana Republic was collaborating with Marimekko.  I love their geometric prints and bright colors...and the quality of Banana Republic's collaborations has been fantastic.  I was most excited about the polka dot midi skirt on the far right.

However, by the time I got to the nearest Banana Republic after work, almost everything was picked over.  And my coveted skirt was sold out.  I was hesitant to purchase online during the pre-sale (to which I had access by virtue of being a Banana Republic cardholder) because I was unsure of the sizing.  And now I am regretting the decisiont o wait until the collection came out in stores.  Seriously, did people take off of work for this?!

2014-05-22 17.39.15 
First, I tried on the Kivet Pleated Dress.  The quality is exactly what you expect from BR.  The fabric is soft and the fit is feminine and flattering.  Perhaps the only reason I did not walk out with this dress is because I was morning the loss of the midi skirt.  The dress fit true to size and for reference I am wearing an 8.  The hips are free, so no issues for curvy ladies.
2014-05-22 17.38.21 
Next up, the (some ridiculous long word I refuse to type) Hampton Shorts.  The colors on these shorts are amazing.  Perfect for summer.  The fabric is so soft and comfy.  AND, my favorite part, the shorts are an appropriate length.  No exposed BBC (bottom butt cheek).  Again, pretty true to size and no issues for curvy ladies.  I am wearing a 10 for reference.  I would actually size down if you have narrow hips or skinny legs.  
2014-05-22 17.37.38
And last, the shorter version of the skirt I missed out on (sold out online already).  The fabric is super soft and flowy and the skirt is a great length for weekend wear.  I recommend sizing down in this one.  I am wearing a 6 for reference.  I love love love the dots, but, again, I came here with a purpose.  However, I might go back for this skirt.

Have you tried the collection out?  Were you able to pick any thing up?  Did you get me the midi skirt in an 8?!?
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