Penniless Socialite: Summer Professional Wear (and $50 Shop Bop Giveaway!)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Professional Wear (and $50 Shop Bop Giveaway!)

Summer Profession Wear

It's sunny, it's hot...but some of us still have to go to work.  I find dressing for the office and the intense summer heat and humidity to be a little difficult.  There have been years and have just given up and decided that I'll just be sweaty and frizzy for 3 months and wear whatever lightweight linen sack of a dress I can find.  But, now I am a fashion blogger (and a grown up person with a job I actually care about); so I have to step up my game and look like a human being for the next 3 months.  There are a few essentials that are a part of my summer wardrobe.

Cotton Pencil Skirt (pictured).  I often find that a pencil skirt that's not wool doesn't have a lot of structure and ends up looking wrinkly and saggy.  However, J. Crew Factory's cotton pencil skirts are lightweight and breathable, but also have a good amount of structure.  (I need the structure, as I never get my body "bikini-ready."  It's "sitting on the couch in air conditioning-ready").  And on the plus side, they come in a billion colors.

Collar Blouses (options, pictured).  A tank or short sleeve blouse is a good choice fro the summer....because you can air out the pits when needed.  However, you have to class it up for the office with a collar.

Light Cardigan (pictured).  Some offices (not pointing any fingers) keep the air conditioning at a steady Arctic temperature.  So, you do have to dress in layers for the summer.  A light cardigan like this one from J. Crew Factory.  And like the pencil skirts, they come in a billion colors.

Shoes With Wedges (options) or Tan Peep Toe Pumps (optionspictured).  I can't make up my mind about the perfect summer office shoe.  I love a good wedge.  They're comfortable and dressy, but business-casual enough for the summer.  And you can never go wrong with a tan peep toe.  I think the compromise is that the tan peep toe is Monday through Thursday's shoe and the wedge is a Friday shoes.  I used to have a very strong stance on the presence of toes in the workplace.  However, I think a little peep toe is acceptable during the summer.  And all bets are off for long as you don't wear flip flops.  God help you if I see a flip flop in an office setting. 

Brightly Colored Statement Necklace (pictured).  I feel like this doesn't need an explanation.  Statement necklaces are awesome....and the summer is all about bright colors.

Bright Tote (pictured).  Summer Fridays are a great time to make it to happy hour.  But, you'll need a giant stylish bag to carry your makeup, hair stuff, and a change of flat shoes.

And Shop Bop has again graciously volunteered to help one of my readers shop for summer essentials!  Enter below for a chance to win a $50 Shop Bop gift card!

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