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Monday, December 7, 2015

Gift Guide for Bloggers

Gift Guide 2015 for bloggers

So, the list is technically titled "Gift Guide for Bloggers."  However, my personal bias has made it more geared towards fashion bloggers.  It's late and I am way too lazy to edit the title.  As a blogger, what I really need is a personal assistant or permission to take a few days off of work.

1. Mobile Charger.  Bloggers are always using social media on the go, which really drains your phone.  As does the game Diner Dash...I am told...not because I obsessively play it.  Mobile charging is always a must.

2. Diptyque Candles.  Ok, a $60 candle seemed super stupid and wasteful to me, until I smelled these.  Those $20 Bath and Body Works candles are pieces of crap compared to this.  Also, any sheep of a fashion blogger will want a candle recommend by Blair of Atlantic Pacific.

3. Thermal Mug.  Bloggers also love thermal mugs and sassy sayings in graphic print. Read any fashion blog.  So, this combines both of those things.

4. Jewelry Tray.   Any good fashion blogger has a ton of jewelry.  And any disorganized and busy fashion blogger probably has it all sitting in a pile on a dresser.  So, give her a pretty place to put it.

5. Mambi Planner. Every blogger needs to be organized.  And this is by far the best planner I have ever purchased.  I have tried them all and this is the only one that has lived up to my expectations.  It can be customized with stickers and other fun little add ons. Just go on Pinterest (or wait for my post at a later date) to discover how this planner can be customized for a blogger.

6. All in Good Taste by Kate Spade.  All bloggers need a trendy coffee table book to put in the background of photos.  This one just happens to be pretty and functional as it also gives great entertaining tips!

7. Merry & Bright Button Down.  Bloggers love holiday-themed stuff.  But the irony of the ugly sweater is overdone.  This button down with a festive embroidered collar is fashionable and festive.

What will you be getting the blogger in your life this year?

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