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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In My Rocks Box

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Urban Gem Jeannette Fringe Necklace: $78.  I've been pretty into fringe lately.  When I saw this necklace was coming to me in the mail, I was a little confusing.  I couldn't tell from the picture what kind of fringe was on this necklace.  String? Suede?  I had not even considered metal fringe!  

Wanderlust + Co. Double Box Split Gold Ring: $35 (purchase).  This was such a great simple ring.  And because it's adjustable, it can be worn as a regular ring or a midi ring.

Perry Street Camilla Studs: $40.  I wasn't really into these studs.  I feel like I have several pairs already that are very similar.  However, every girl should have a pair of sparkly studs, and these would definitely fit the bill.

Rocks Box Deets
  • Get a FREE MONTH OF ROCKS BOX SERVICE you sign up here and use code "TARABFF"
  • $20 per month and you get 3 pieces of designer jewelry ($15  if you pre-pay for a year, $17 if you pre-pay for 6 months).
  • 20% off retail price of any pieces you want to keep (all prices above reflect this discount)
  • Cancel any time
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