Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Wore: Daily Sparkle (OOTD 11.14.11)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stuff I Wore: Daily Sparkle (OOTD 11.14.11)

Do you ever just want to go to work in your pajamas?  The only problem with work pajamas is that they really are not conducive to accessorizing with bling.  I don't care that pajamas are socially inappropriate work place attire.  I'd probably wear a Snuggie to work on casual Friday if I didn't think it would inevitably lead to termination and civil commitment.  I care that pajamas don't go well with my collection of rhinestone jewelry.  I'd wear rhinestone studded jammie pants, I would.
So, on Monday morning when I woke up in an "I don't care, where's my sweat pants and coffee" kind of mood, I knew that only heavy duty rhinestones would get me through the day.  So I threw on these gems.

Yes, it's real....real rhinestone.
Rhinestone Bunny Work of Art // Forever 21
The title of my Lifetime move will be - "Rhinestones and Legal Briefs"
Rhinestone Firebursts // Candies // Kohl's
And because I was so tired after picking out jewelry, I went with a boring pant, shirt, cardigan combination. I am glad was a little boring with my attire because when I arrived at the office I was immediately sent to a court appearance. I'm not really sure if the legal system could handle rhinestones and, let's say, a polka dot dress.
I really need to adjust the angle of the mirror.
It's having a fun house effect on my body.
I'm blaming the mirror and not the love of pizza and TV.

Pants // The Limited
Patent Mary Jane Pumps // Enzo Angiolini
Printed Silk Tank // Banana Republic
Purple Cable Cardigan // Gap
And here's the Polyvore Set with some similar items substituted and some top choices.  Actually, the pants and the ring are the only items that are recent purchases and still in stores.  Everything else are distant past purchases.

Old Navy v neck cardigan (SIMILAR)
$24 -

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent racerback tank top (SIMILAR)
$141 -

Long tank (SIMILAR)
$51 -

Alice Olivia purple tank (SIMILAR)
$151 -

Flare pants
$75 -

High heels (SIMILAR)
$50 -

Stud earrings (SIMILAR)
$15 -

Forever21 rabbit ring
$3.36 -

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