Penniless Socialite: Banana Republic Mad Men Collection

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Banana Republic Mad Men Collection

On Thursday night I skipped the gym to rush over to the nearest Banana Republic to try on items from their Mad Men Collection.

First up, the Elbow Sleeve Draper Dress.

I absolutely loved this dress.  It fits TTS.  I have on my usual size 6.  The sleeves are a little tight, but this dress also comes in a sleeveless version.  The waist of the dress hits at a very flattering place and flares out just enough to cover an unwanted tummy.  It also comes in petite.  I found I did not need the petite size in the length, but the petite might have a shorter torso.  I've been doubting BR's quality lately, but BR redeemed itself with this collection.  The pattern detail on this dress is amazing.  The only problem with this dress is that you HAVE to wear a slip under this dress.  I've wishlisted this dress for a later purchase.

I copied the outfit on the website and tried on the Cigarette Pant and Lace Shell.
The lace shell fits TTS and has the same pattern and detailing as the Draper Dress.  It fits TTS and I'm wearing a small.  The regular sizes hit right at the hip.  The one problem I found is that there is no zipper on the shirt, so it's a little tough to get in and out of it.  I have 2 lace shirts already, so I decided to pass on this one.
I was expecting to hate the cigarette pants.  I assumed only skinny ladies like January Jones would look good in them.  I was pleasantly surprised.  These pants even look good on wide hips.  However, I had to go 2 sizes up to a size 10.  The color is pretty bright, so if you are not looking to draw attention to your rear-end you should pass on them.  I have wishlisted these.

Next up was the Betty Dress.
This dress encompasses the elegance and impracticality of Betty Draper.  The dress actually fit a little big on me.  I tried on a size 6, but I could have gone to a 4.  The V-neck, angled pleats and full skirt would flatter any shape.  I just don't have a place to wear a magenta silk taffeta party dress.  Any one want to invite me to a fancy party?

And the grand finale...the Joan Dress.
I can not say enough great things about this dress.  This is my favorite dress in the collection.  It's a light ivory with a sheen and comes with an adorable polka dot sash.  It runs small because there is absolutely no give in the hips.  I had to size up 2 sizes to a size 10 to accommodate my hips.  In the picture I'm wearing an 8 and it pulls across the hips.  It comes in petite and I was tempted to get the petite for the length, but I liked the longer length of the regular size.  The problem with sizing up is that the waist becomes baggy, but you have the sash!  The sash completely detaches from the dress so you have to untie it to get the dress on and off.  This is unfortunate because I fear never being able to tie the bow again.  As you can guess, I purchased this one.  I am so glad I did because it's sold out online.  You'll have to visit stores if you want one, but my BR only had one or two in each size left on the night the collection came out.  I may have pranced around in my new dress for a half hour when I got home...maybe.

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