Penniless Socialite: Friday's Fancies: For the Shorties

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Fancies: For the Shorties

It's as if {AV} over at Long Distance Loving has delved into my psyche forcing me to face my worst fears.  Last week it was wearing white and now this week it's shorts.  As a pear shaped lady, there is nothing that evokes a sense of terror more than ill fitting shorts.  Want an instant thunder thigh and a wedgey on the side?  Put on a pair of tight shorts.  However, I conquered my fear and picked up a pair at Anthro on Memorial Day weekend.

Top // Anthropologie (similar here); Shorts // Anthropologie (similar here); Flip Flops // Steve Madden (similar here); Necklace // J. Crew Factory (worn here, similar here)

I think the secret to the success of these shorts is that the leg holes are wide enough for my trunks.  And the color is dark enough that you can't see the pockets through the fabric.  I HATE that.

I hope you like these bad boys, because you'll be seeing a lot of them this summer.  They might even get a few friends.  

Shorts - Friday's Fancies

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