Penniless Socialite: I Watched TV Instead of Writing a Post, So Here Are my July Sponsors

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Watched TV Instead of Writing a Post, So Here Are my July Sponsors

You know what's great about this whole button swapping thing?  I've got someone to do the work of writing a post for me when I am do darn lazy to do it myself.  Last night I finished off the first season of The Killing.  Thankfully, I had this post in the hopper.
Want to sponsor Penniless Socialite in August?  Send me an email (  I don't charge, it's just a button swap.  Maybe we can set up a giveaway?  Maybe I can guest post for you, the possibilities are endless.  So, please enable my laziness and button swap / sponsor me!

And now on to my July buddies:

Hello! My name is Callie and I am the blogger behind Coffee and Cardigans. My little blog is dedicated to personal style and life on a college budget. I spent way too much time in thrift stores, could never turn down a good cup of coffee and am hopeless addicted to my camera. Coffee and Cardigans hosts Thrifter Thursday, a weekly link-up for you to share a favorite budget look from the week. I also share the occasional DIY idea, sewing project, or beauty how-to. Hope you'll stop by for a visit sometime!

Hello fellow socialites! My name is Justyn - as in this just in or Justin Timberlake. Yes - it's a boys name, and No - I have lady parts and prefer to wear dresses. This is what I look like!
Told you - I'm a girl {insert sticking out tounge} I am the owner/creator/blog queen of thoughts by a... petite brunette, and no I'm not that petite anymore. I also own a 2 1/2 year old princess {that I birthed myself}, a mountain man husband {We live in VA}, AND an over excited Miniture Pinscher {named Dori}. I am new to the blogging world {kind of} and still trying to figure out what my blog child {also a girl} would like to be when she grows up. I recently learned to cook at the fragile age of 24 {I'm still 24} and started a new job {with my own office!} so I sometimes don't post as often as other bloggers but I will tell you - when I do you'll want to read it {too  much?}. It's usually funny, sometimes sad, and for the most part my outfits pretty much rock.
Don't believe me?
You can stalk me here, here, and here.
Stop by sometime - maybe stay a while.
And if that doesn't entice you {the fact that I'm cool and funny} I'm also currently having a giveaway.  (Because someone didn't post this until the middle of the month, the giveaway is closed)
Now you can't resist can you?
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