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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stuff I Wore: A Favorite

*Don't forget, you can shop my closet and purchase some of my new or lightly worn items here.

Polyvore Set
Loosened Shelby Blouse // Anthropologie (similar here); Discreet Designs Skirt // Anthropologie (similar here);
Sofia Wedge Pump // Steve Madden via DSW (similar here);
Earrings // Kate Spade (similar here); Bracelets // Target (similar here)

My posts are mostly pre-recorded.  So, I will be making a prediction: I bet I am SUPER hung over today, and alcohol hung over.  In my old age, I've been getting food hang overs.  Yeah, you read that right.  If I eat too many unhealthy things all at once, I feel hung over the next day, even if I abstained from partaking in the sauce.  You see me here in one of my favorite outfits looking polished and bright and happy.  I am going to make another prediction: I actually look like the opposite of this today.

Update: I'm not feeling too bad today.  I exhibited some self control yesterday in the face of potato chips.  Who am I?
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