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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Loving Lately: Collar Necklaces

Collar Necklaces

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Via Cotton & Curls
1. In place of an actual collar.  This is the most obvious way to wear this trend, however, not all collar necklaces are conducive to this.  The fabric-backed necklaces (like 1 and 2 above) or beaded lattice ones (like 5 above) are best for this look  I think the only tricky part is finding the right shirt to pull it off.  The shirt has to have a neckline that is hidden by the necklace, so that the necklace becomes the neckline.  You also have to balance the necklace with the print of the shirt.  The intricacy of your collar necklace should be inversely proportional to the boldness of the pattern on your shirt.  (i.e. you can pair a plainer collar necklace, like #2, with a patterned shirt; but pair bolder and more colorful necklaces like #9 with simpler tops)
2. Under a Collared Shirt.  It's like a double collar.  It sounds silly, but looks so cute.  Personally, I think the metallic ones (like 6 and 7 above) work best this way, but the jeweled ones (like #4 above) could also work.

Via Alterations Needed
3. With a plain tee or sweater.  Your collar necklace can also just be a necklace and not a pseudo collar.  Let some of neckline of the shirt be seen.  I think almost any collar necklace works with this trend.  I think it looks best with a scoop neck or crew neck tee.  A v-neck plus the necklace creates too many complicated shapes in one area.  However, that's just my personal taste.

Via Style Bistro
4. With a low cut shirt or dress.  This is the scariest way, in my opinion, to wear these necklaces.  If you choose the right style, you look chic, if you choose the wrong style you look like a Playboy bunny.  I love the way the plain gold collars (like #6) look with a black evening look.

I think the one rule to follow when wearing a collar necklace is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.  You already have a bold shaped necklace, you don't also need a bold print or odd-shaped neckline too.

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