Penniless Socialite: Friday's Fancies: Cranky Halloween

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Cranky Halloween

As national dress like a street walker day approaches, I am reminded of what a cranky pants I am.  I haven't dressed up for Halloween in years, not because I hate Halloween, but because I am lazy and full of crankiness.  This year I am EXTRA SUPER cranky because I have a  court appearance in New York City on Halloween.  Yes, while others are out in the streets drinking themselves stupid while wearing glittery atrocities, I'll be dressed in a suit.
Anyway, I have always been a bigger fan of funny or cute Halloween as opposed to slutty Halloween.  So, if I was going to dress up for Halloween (or decide to go out on the weekend), this is what I'd wear:

Mary Poppins Costume Idea

Mary Poppins Costume Idea by veggielawyer

But who am I kidding, for Halloween I am going to be "Cranky Pants," which is just me in sweatpants.

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