Penniless Socialite: Sponsor in January!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sponsor in January!

I've changed up my sponsorship opportunities and am now accepting paid ad spots.  Cat food is really expensive.  I'm offering a feature spot that comes with an opportunity to guest post and include a solo giveaway AND a post footer ad that comes with an opportunity for an individual intro post and solo giveaway!  All of my Large ad spots are filled until February and my Feature spot is booked until mid-January (get in line!), but I have 200x100 ads available for $5 that come with the opportunity to participate in the monthly group giveaway.  I usually only have a few people (less than 10) participate in the giveaway, so your blog doesn't get lost in the shuffle!!  I'm offering a discount to those that ad swapped with me in the past.  Email me for the code (pennilesssocialite[at]gmai[dot]com).  For every paid sponsor I get I promise to buy Apollo and Artemis one can of the fancy wet cat food that I never buy because I am cheap.  I'd donate the proceeds of my ad sales to an animal shelter...if I wasn't practically running one out of my apartment already (or maybe if I was a better person?).
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