Penniless Socialite: Weekend Update: Getting Medieval

Monday, December 31, 2012

Weekend Update: Getting Medieval

I could talk about having a romantic Friday evening with the Scot (at Target) or my wonderful Sunday afternoon full of drinking and eating with my best friends from college...but then I wouldn't have time to tell you about my Saturday night at Medieval freakin' Times!!  That's right...the most magical place on Earth where you get to wear paper crowns and watch grown ass men play fight in costumes.

It's not like I spend an average Saturday night traveling through the mists of time into a land of wonder and enchantment.  It was a friend's thirtieth birthday.  We traveled back in time in a pretty sweet chariot.  

Yeah, that's a bright green stretch Dodge Charger.

Sword fighting is even better when you're an adult...because you can drink beer.  Ye Olde Sam Adams Winter Lager to be exact.

Or you can have some wine if you prefer...delivered to your table by your very own bar wench.  The plentiful beer and wine made up for the world'd worst lasagna that I had.  I don't know if there were vegetarians in those Medieval times...or a good marinara.

There's also a little jousting.  And nothing smells like horses in the arena, nothing, I promise.

And on to the highlight of the evening...and the only thing in this post remotely related to fashion:

Why yes, that is a stylish faux fur vest I am wearing.  And, no, they would not let me keep it.  I asked.

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