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Friday, March 15, 2013

J. Crew on a Budget: Florals

Now that the blogging world is done losing their collective sh*t over the fact that Google Reader is dead.  You can follow me via Bloglovin'  I was using Bloglovin' before Google killed the Internet.  I'm super cool and trendy.

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And now on to more important things.  Have you seen the J. Crew new arrivals?  It's like an explosion of florals that cost as much as my monthly student loan payment.  Gorgeous and out of my reach.  Yeah, Sallie Mae demands that I give her money each $500 pants are just not in the budget.  Plus, I would probably get salsa on them.  So, here are my frugal options!

J. Crew Hummingbrid Dress

J. Crew Silk Paint in Painted Floral

J. Crew - Liberty Postage Stamp Mini

J. Crew Liberty Chino Short

J. Crew Liberty Perfect Shirt

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