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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In the Caboodle: Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Things are about to get real over here on Penniless Socialite.  Yep, I am going to talk about hair removal.  If this makes you feel uncomfortable, stop reading.  I'll be back tomorrow with a family friendly outfit post.
Let me start by saying that nothing here is meant to be a judgment of any woman's choice on whether to remove or not to remove hair.  If shaving your legs makes you feel it.  If letting the hair on your legs grow out makes you feel it.  It's a personal choice and I say do what you want.  It's your hair.

Now that it appears as though it's time to put away the tights, I have to hack through my winter leg coat.  My leg hair routine is pretty simple and boring.  I shave my legs.  I don't mess around with depilatories or waxing.  It's just too much effort.  Plus, I have never found an at home leg waxing kit that actually removes hair.
I use one of those fancy schmancy razors with eleven bajillion blades and a moisture strip.  I've found that one of those single blade pink razors that were good enough when I was 14 will do the trick....until I reach the dreaded knees.  Then it becomes a murder scene.  Have my knees wrinkled with age?  
This might seem sort of obvious, but shaving cream really makes a difference.  I was shaving with soap and water for many years like a cheapskate sucker.  The EOS shave cream is awesome and smells great, but you can't go wrong with trusty Skintimate.

Arm Pits
I use the same products on the ole pits as I do for my stems.  However, (this might be a little controversial) I don't shave my arm pits more than every few days.  Much like my discovery of shaving cream, this was a life changing decision.  I was shaving my pits every single day and suffering horrible in grown hairs.  Waiting a few days results in some soft silky underarms.

Confession time: I would have a mustache and uni-brow if left untreated.  I'm happens.  I get my eye brows waxed at a salon every 6 months or so and then up keep them myself with tweezers.  If you are a lady that does some at home brow removal, get yourself some good tweezers.  I recommend Tweezerman.  They're pricey, but so worth it.  They grab hair like no other tweezers I've ever tried.  Nothing than just ripping the tops of the hairs and giving yourself eyebrow stubble.
And the mustache.  I was just bleaching it for awhile with a Sally Hansen kit.  That worked OK, but with age...not even bleach could conceal it.  So, I had to upgrade.  I started using a Sally Hansen creme hair remover.  However, that came with a slight upper lip rash.  I think I'd rather have the hair.
And then I found Veet wax strips.  It's two pieces of wax paper with a thin strip of wax in between.  You rub it between your hands to warm and melt the wax, peel the paper apart, press on the upper lip and then rip it the hell off.  Ok, I'll be freakin' hurts.  But, I only have to do it once every few weeks and it's a few second of pain.  The little swabs of allow that come with the strips take off any remaining wax and reduces the redness.

I have heard tales of girls that wax their arms.  I am not one of them, despite the abundance of arm hair I have.  I admit, i shaved my arms once as a self concious teen.  You know what's worse than hairy arms?  Stubbly, itchy arms.  So, I have no suggestions for arm hair removal because I just don't prefer it.

I saved this one for last because it's probably the most touchy subject.  I won't go too much in detail.  I don't use depilatories down there.  If they make my face break out, I don't want to take that risk on the nether-region.  This is where I might get a little fancy.  I have a separate razor for this...and it comes with a little trimmer on the end: the Schick Quattro Trim Style.  It's a pretty fantastical little gadget that Schick came up with.

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