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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In the Caboodle: Lip Tar

Lip Tar

One of my newest obsessions is Lip Tar.  It's a mixture between a lip gloss and a lip stick.  The name is apt because this stuff puts quite a coating on your lips.  I've worn it for 6 hours without reapplying (with eating and drinking).  Yeah, it's that amazing.  I do have a few recommendations for application stemming from my experiences.
1. Use a lip primer!  Seriously, this stuff will stain your lips.  I use Pixi's lip primer.  However, chapstick works just as well.

2. Use sparingly.  One or two small dots on each lip.  A very little goes a long way with this stuff.  It's worth the $18!

3. Apply with a small brush.  Invest in a nice little lip brush.  I like this one from Sephora.  Every tube of Tar also comes with a little brush that does the job.  But, seriously, use the smallest brush possible.  You are going to want to make sure you don't color outside the lines with this stuff.  You will have a tinted face.

4. Remove completely before going to bed.  You will wake up with some on your pillow case and bits of it still clinging to your lips.  I recommend olive oil to remove it.  Well, actually, the lady in Sephora recommended olive oil.  I'm just passing the tip along to you.

So, will you be using Lip Tar?  If not, what's your choice for a long lasting lip color?

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