Penniless Socialite: Fall 2013 Trends....That I WON'T Be Trying

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall 2013 Trends....That I WON'T Be Trying

Fall 2013 Trends...I am not trying
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1. Crop Tops.  I don't want to look like an extra on Saved by the Bell.  And I don't want my belly to be cold this Fall.  (In fairness, I find the crop top paired with a high waisted pencil skirt a lot less offensive.  Check out this top and skirt combo from Target).

2. Faux Leather Leggings.  I am a bottom heavy lady and the world is just not ready for this jelly.  I have not yet found a pair of these leggings that flatter my bottom half.  And I also don't think that they're my style.  The Scot commented that I am just not the "warrior" type.  I don't know why he associates faux leather leggings with warriors, but that was his verdict.

3. Over the Knee Boots.  I can't stop envisioning Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman."  I just can't get over that association.  Also, I have yet to find a pair of these boots that fit over my calves and up over the knee.  So, maybe my association is my way of protecting myself from the disappointment from not being able to join in on this trend.

4. Overalls.  I don't know if overalls are actually back, or if Forever 21 is just making me think they are.  When I recently walked into a Forever 21, I counted 5 difference types of short overalls ranging from faux leather to floral to polka dots.  As a kid I had a sweat pair of tie dyed overalls and as a teen I had an even sweeter olive corduroy pair.  I also had braces, zits and frizzy hair back then.  Some times are just not meant to be relived.

5. Knit Beanies.  Again, as a teen I wore these to cover up the fact that I had not showered that particular day.  It was cool to not care how you looked.  However, I now no longer have a use for knit I shower everyday proudly.

6. Slouchy Harem Pants.  I just don't understand these pants.  Whose body do these flatter?  They give you wider hips and a floppy belly area.  Simply put...I just don't like them.

Are there any Fall fashion trends that make you cringe?

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