Penniless Socialite: The Only List of Blogging Apps You'll Ever Need

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Only List of Blogging Apps You'll Ever Need

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Until I sat down and really thought about it, I never realized how many apps I use to put this little blog together.  There are so many moving parts!  So, here's a list of my favorites that I use that go into the production of my little slice of the internet.

Social Media:

  • Hoot Suite: You probably think I am glued to my computer all day, since I appear to be on Facebook and Twitter numerous times per day.  However, this is all an illusion created by Hoot Suite.  Hoot Suite allows me to schedule all of my posts on Twitter and Facebook all at once.  I usually schedule my posts in the morning.  And I often schedule my sponsor shout-out posts on Sundays to run throughout the week!  It just helps keep my social media presence organized.  I wish they would add Instagram.
  • Bitly: Bitly is a link shortening website.  However, it's so much more!  You can track the stats of your shortened links.  And, what I like most, is that there is a mobile app.  So, I can share my shortened links to Twitter and Facebook from my phone, which is how I do most of my social media-ing.

  • Dropbox: Dropbox is basically an online folder that you can have linked to multiple computers and your phone.  I have my Dropbox on my home computer and on my phone, so I can share my blog photos between devices, making it easier for me to post to Instagram or other social media from my phone.
  • Pic Frame: I use PicFrame to make collages for Instagram (@penniless_s), for my personal account as well as my shop account (@pennilesscloset).  I love that you can adjust the size of each photo compartment and adjust the orientation and size of each photo.  It's just super easy to use.  You can also make those nifty mirrored outfit photos that you see bloggers posting on Instagram.  Because one of me just isn't enough.
  • A Beautiful Mess: It's just a photo editing program, but it's the most adorable of all of them.  It allows you to add text and cutesy little graphics!
  • Pic Monkey: I edit all my blog photos in PicMonkey...because I can't afford PhotoShop.  The editting is good enough for my purposes and you can make collages.
  • Magic Hour: When you're not a very good photographer, the lighting is that much more important.  Magic Hour lets you know when the light outside is best for photos.
  • Flickr: I use Flickr to host all of my blog photos.  I switched from Photobucket when they wanted to charge me for extra space and crapped out about once a week turning all my blog photos into empty squares.  Flickr has tons of space and has just started offering photoeditting, which might make PicMonkey useless to me.  And, Flickr has a mobile app...just in case I have to draft on the go from Bloggers stupidly terrible mobile app that did not make this list.  It's for emergencies only.

  • Posh Mark: I've started selling my clothes via Poshmark.  You can find my closet here.  I've had only limited success selling on there.  It's just too much work...sharing and parties and such.  If you're on there you know what I mean.  However, I LOVE shopping on there.  It's so easy and you can get some really great deals!  Later this month I will share some of my recent acquisitions thanks to Poshmark.
  • reward Style:  Bloggers got to make money somehow! If you don't know, Reward Style allows you to insert product links that can earn you a commission. Although I think you get better commissions with Shop Style, Reward Style made this list because it's mobile app is awesome.  The Reward Style mobile app allows you to make you Instagram posts shoppable.  So, when people like your post, they can have the links to the products you are featuring emailed to them!  
So, there's my list.  What are your favorite apps for blogging?  Is there something out there that I don'tknow about that could change my (blogging) life?

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