Penniless Socialite: Look What I Got: My Dressing Room Tour!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Look What I Got: My Dressing Room Tour!

Dressing Room Tour

Today I am taking you on a tour of where the magic dressing room.  I get two different reactions to this room.  "This is amazing!" and "The Scot let you do this?"  It's not a matter of letting.  I would've done it any way while he was at work.  It was just much nicer to have him around to drill some holes in the walls.  And the other, unseen, half of the room is the Scot's office.

dressing room 14 
Algot Closet System | Silver antlers: Marshall's

First, you have what I have dubbed, closet wall.  It's just two sections of Ikea's Algot Closet System with shelves, clothing rails, baskets and shoe racks.  However, it manages to hold all of my dresses.  A word of warning though, you have to measure everything for this system really really carefully.  The consequences of not measuring?  Your entire closet wall falls down and all the pieces are bent beyond recognition...and then you have to spend another grueling day in Ikea questioning every choice you've made in your life that has led you to voluntarily enter the 9th circle of hell that is Ikea.

dressing room 13 
dressing room 10
dressing room 8
dressing room 12 dressing room 11 
And then you have my actual closet that houses the rest of shoe collection, as well as my skirts, blouses, pants, sweaters and purses.  The keys to success of this little closet are skirt hangers with clippy things and shelf dividers.
  dressing room 7 
And on to my dresser...I have my frequently used nail polishes and manicure supplies in little glass vases that just came from craft stores.
dressing room 6 
Sunglasses holder (actually picture frame): Pier One | Big Deal Blog Print: Livy Loves Designs

And on to my ridiculous collection of glasses and sunglasses...that are actually hung from what is supposed to be a picture frame.

And now for the piece de resistance...and the real reason this room vanity table!

dressing room 1
Vanity: Stay tuned for a tutorial on how I built it next week!
Knobs: Anthropologie (options herehere and here) | Mirror: TJ Maxx (similar) | Makeup cart: TJ Maxx (similar)

I've always dreamed of having one of these.  My earrings, rings and bracelets are in little containers housed inside the vanity (more on that in a later post, where I teach you to build it and give you a more thorough tour of the vanity....yes, the vanity will get it's own post).  My necklaces are hung carefully from knobs screwed into the wall.  My makeup is organized into a three drawer cart.  And my everyday makeup and brushes have a home right at my finger tips.
dressing room 5 
Lamp: Pier One (sold out) | Owl Vase: Target (similar) | Macaroon trinket box: unknown (similar)
dressing room 4 
Tiered Tray: thrifted (similar)
dressing room 3 
Sequin Hanger: Pearls & Pastries | Lipstick Print: Pearls & Pastries (no longer available)
Blah signs: Target (sold out)
dressing room 2 
Get It Girl pillow cover | Chair: TJ Maxx

This room turned out exactly as I had pictured it in my head.  I sometimes just come into this room and bask in its glory.  I often find the cat sitting in my chair and staring at himself in the mirror.  I love that all of my clothes and accessories all have homes.  And the Scot is pretty excited that he's no longer navigating a minefield of shoes and clothing piles to get to the bed.

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