Penniless Socialite: Stitch Fix #6: A Casual Fix

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stitch Fix #6: A Casual Fix

Casual Fix 1

After taking a little break from Stitch Fix, I jumped back on the band wagon.  I think I forgot how fun it is to get this little monthly box of goodies.

casual fix 2
Shiva Filigree Print Mixed Material Top: Market & Spruce ($48)
This was by far my favorite item from my fix.  The pattern is adorable and is perfect for mixing with stripes and dots.  It's super soft and flowy.  It's long enough to wear untucked, but also easily tucks into a skirt.  I don't own enough separates.  I am a dress addict, as you can see from my collection behind me in this pic.  I have so many pretty skirts that I barely wear because I just don't have tops.  I figured this top was a start on my mission to wear all my skirts.

Casual Fix 3
Monet Mini Facet Bib Necklace: Pixley ($38)
I have a statement necklace problem.  So, I had to stay away from this one.  However, I was not thrilled with the colors and it seemed to get kinked and tangled easily.  This was a pass for me.

Priya Abstract Floral Print Tank: Pomelo ($48)
Although I loved the print on this and it was super duper soft and luxurious, I knew I wouldn't get much use out of a tank.  I don't like having my arms exposed.  It's not really a vanity thing...more like I am always cold when in an air conditioned building.  It's a little too flowy to put a cardigan over.  So, this one went back in the box.

Casual Fix 4

Lorna Diagnol Stripe Maxi Skirt: Gilli ($58)
It's a pretty difficult task to find a maxi skirt that isn't a tripping hazard on me.  I was impressed with this skirt since it had the wide fold-over waist band, the length could be adjusted a bit to fit this shorty.  However, the price tag of $58 seemed a bit much for me for a striped maxi.  I think I might check out Target for this one.  Again, this one was a pass for me.

Joshua Colored Ankle Jean: Pink Martini ($64) (not pictured)
There is a picture of the mint colored skinnies missing from this post.  And that's because I could barely get this up over my muffin top and zipped.  I think the fly length was about 1 cm.  Stitch Fix clearly knows my age.  No one over 25 should be wearing butt-crack exposing jeans.  Ladies, once you start blowing out more than 25 candles each year, switch to a mid-rise.  I will even take a sensible low-rise....just not whatever the super ultra ridiculous low rise business this is.

And on that note, grandma is done complaining

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  Did you get a box this month?  Let me know what you got, loved, kept!  If you posted it about it on your blog, let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, however, this post contains my referral link and I might receive credit towards my next fix if you sign up.
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