Penniless Socialite: My Fall-themed Bridal Shower

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Fall-themed Bridal Shower

It's been almost a year since my bridal shower, so I figured I would get around to sharing it!  It was fall-themed, so it seems like I wasn't procrastinating and put this post off purposefully.
Fall themed bridal shower invites

I was pretty adamant that I wanted my shower to be a brunch and that mimosas would have to be served.  So, these Wedding Paper Divas invitations perfectly encapsulated my vision.  I am usually a beer gal, but I figured I wanted to class it up for this event.

Fall Themed Bridal Shower (1)

Stage House Tavern has always been a favorite hang out for me. It has a rustic feel and delicious food...and mimosas. Too bad there's two locations...and my sister printed the wrong address on the invitations.  The morning of the shower was super duper fun.  Thankfully, someone noticed and texted me that morning asking about it.

Fall Themed Bridal Shower (7)
And did you think I wouldn't have worn a fabulous dress?!  I had purchased this Betsey Johnson dress (similar here) a few months before and patiently waited for the date to arrive.  It'll be featured on its own in a post soon.
Bridal Shower 10
 Fall Themed Bridal Shower (2)
My sister spent quite a bit of time with the hot glue gun. The leaf garland and banner sing is completely homemade.  She then meticulously hot glued the ribbons and burlap onto the mason jars. My mom will take credit for filling them with water and floating the candles in them.  I will take credit for purchasing the wood slices.  They were $15 a piece!  That seemed ridiculous to me.  So I went back over and over to Michael's with 40% single item coupons to purchase 12 of them.  My cheapness can be a bit excessive.
Fall Themed Bridal Shower (6)
Instead of a traditional wishing well, guests were asked to bring lottery tickets.  Because I am "lucky in love."  I won $265 off those puppies!  Best gift

We went a little off theme with the favors, but I love beer and everyone loves a good bottle opener.  I don't think there is a such thing as a champagne bottle opener...and champagne flutes were a little too expensive.
Fall Themed Bridal Shower (5)  Fall Themed Bridal Shower (4)
I was pretty jazzed to get a Kitchenaid mixer.  The Scot mocked me and said that I would never use it.  Just to spite him in the last year I have made a ton of cookies, breads, cakes, mashed potatoes, pasta sauce....wait a second.  That was his plan all along!

Fall Themed Bridal Shower (3)

However, I was able to use one of my favor bottle openers on some of my presents.  My friends get me.

Venue: Stagehouse Tavern, Somerset, NJ
Dress: Betsey Johnson via Macy's (similar)
Shoes: Betsey Johnson via Poshmark (similar)
Decorations: My sister's craftiness via Michael's
Flowers: Costco
Invitations: WeddingPaper Divas

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