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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Outdoor Wedding Dresses with CocoMelody

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I told you I was going to start innundating you with wedding information!  I am starting with what we didn't do.  Initially, I had envisioned an outdoor wedding in a field of wildflowers.  That plan was scratched almost immediately, because try finding a beautiful rural field of wildflowers any where near an affordable wedding venue for 200 people is near impossible (within reasonable budget constraints.  The Scot also dashed my dreams of getting married at the Bronx Zoo because he did not approve of the presence of sea lions and did not want to have the reception in a building called the "Elephant House."  However, that is a story for another day.

Picking out beach wedding dresses or dresses for any outdoor ceremony can pose some unique difficulties.  The elements (i.e. wind) and the earth (i.e. sand and dirt) are always issues.  Then you have the issue of the dress fitting with the theme of the wedding, while still maintaining your personal vision of how you want to look as a bride.  Sometimes it's hard to make all of these line up.

To make such a decision, you need to start perusing options.  Start online with a retailer like Cocomelody.

 Cocomelody has a huge selection of 2016 wedding dresses.  And, hey, if you decide to scrap all the plans and just elope, any of these dresses would fit in a carry on and make great destination wedding dresses.


Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post.
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