Penniless Socialite: 3 Ways to Wear LulaRoe Leggings

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

3 Ways to Wear LulaRoe Leggings

3 Ways to Style Your LulaRoe Leggings
In anticipation of my LulaRoe Facebook party tomorrow night (EEK!), I am sharing my fav ways to wear their famous "buttery soft" leggings.  LulaRoe's leggings come in some amazing (and intimidating patterns), so they can be a little hard to style.  Below are three trusty ways I style my leggings.

You can join my party here!
(and there's a change to win $10 Lula cash from the hostess once you join!)

Ways to Wear LulaRoe Leggings (1)
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1. Irma Tee and Denim Jacket
Pairing some leggings with an Irma tee (from LulaRoe) is pretty much a no brainer.  If you are not familiar, the Irma is LulaRoe's soft and comfy tunic.  It's perfect for leggings because it covers your bum.  But, if you want to jazz up the look, add a denim jacket and some riding boots.

Ways to Wear LulaRoe Leggings (2)

2. Chambray and Booties
This is my personal favorite way to wear my LulaRoe.  The chambray shirt adds a little class and blogger cred to the look.  And of course you have to add a little sparkle with a fun cuff.

Ways to Wear LulaRoe Leggings (3)
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3. Graphic Tee and Chunky Cardi
This is just a comfy cozy look.  Put your favorite (hilarious) graphic tee under a chunky cardi and throw on some loafers.  You are now ready for stylish relaxation.

Do you have a favorite way to wear your LuleRoe leggings?

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