Penniless Socialite: Look What I Got: July and August Purchases

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Look What I Got: July and August Purchases

July 2016 Purchases
After looking at my July purchases, I realized I spent quite a bit of time inside malls this summer.  In fairness, most of my mall shopping happened on a short trip to Las Vegas in July...where it is too hot to be outside for more than a few minutes.  So, to me, the mall(s) seemed to be the perfect place to cool off.  Also, in Vegas it appears to be perfectly acceptable to carry a drink around the mall with you, which may have led to most of my Vegas purchasing.

July Purchases

August 16 purchases
I'd say that August was a sparse purchasing month and mostly consisted of burning off some unused Just Fab credits, but I would be lying.   And in full disclosure....the totals below do not include my Lilly Pulitzer After Party purchasing...wherein I spent more than I'd like to admit.  But, since I have a blog where I apparently plaster things I don't like to admit on the internet, I spent $442 at the After Party Sale.

August Purchases

Total Original Price: $1,284
Amount Spent: $545
Amount Saved: $739
Total Percentage Saved: 57%
Clothes Sold on Poshmark: $503
Net Spent: $42

Sales Shopped
Ted Baker 25% off Clearance
Bloomingdale's 50% off Clearance Jewelry
J. Crew 40% off sale items

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