Penniless Socialite: Penniless Socialite on Vacation, Part 1

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Penniless Socialite on Vacation, Part 1

So, I've finally gotten around the writing about my vacation.  I had a fabulous (and stylish) time in Cyprus.  I've only been back for a week and I am already planning my next vacation!

Cyprus is not an easy place to get to from the United States.  A little primer on Cyprus, it's an island nation located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea north of Turkey and West on Syria.  It's an incredibly interesting place with a fascinating history.  I recommend reading up on it.  I'm here to talk about fashion, not give you a history lesson.  Start with Wikipedia.

I never would have gone if my boyfriend's sister wasn't getting married there; and I am so glad she did!  The boyfriend's family is from Scotland, and so it's only a 5 hour flight for them.  We took an 8 hour flight to Italy and then a 5 hour flight to Cyprus, and then a 2 hour car ride across the island from the airport in Larnaca to our hotel in Paphos.  I do NOT travel well.  I get horrible headaches on planes and I constantly worry about missing flights, etc.  I was a basket case for a week before vacation and up until the second I saw my suitcase at the airport in Cyprus.  No, that's a lie.  I was still a mess as we tried to navigate the roads of Cyprus.  I changed clothes in Milan because, of course, I couldn't begin my vacation looking a mess.  Here's the comfortable (yet pretty darn stylish) outfit I wore for the last leg of my flight:

Black dress

Steve madden
$75 -

$28 -

Forever21 antique belt
$5.50 -

Also, Colgate Wisps and Bed Head Dy Shampoo saved me on my flight.  Wisps are disposable toothbrushes with built-in toothpaste.  They are quite possibly the most wasteful product ever created (disposable and made of plastic, so use sparingly and only in the case of emergencies).  Dry shampoo (I think) is essentially talcum powder in an aerosol can.  You spray is on your hair, it absorbs the oil and gunk and then you brush it away.  You are left with clean, shiny hair.  It's definitely not as good as a real shampoo, but it does the trick when you're traveling.

After 17 hours of travelling we made it to our hotel about 5:30 pm.  It was still about 70 degrees and sunny by the time we arrived.  We quickly changed for dinner and tried to keep our eyes open in order to avoid jet lag.  We went to dinner at the hotel restaurant....and that's when I realized that this hotel was aimed at pleasing non-vegetarian Brits.  So, the dinner consisted of several types of mushy, unidentifiable meats.  I had some salad,stale bread and hummus accompanied by the worst beer I have ever tasted.  Thankfully the hotel and weather were gorgeous or I would have been taking a taxi back to the airport.  The best thing about the dinner was my midi dress from Forever 21.

Colorblock Midi Dress // Forever 21
Purple Cami // Old Navy
Brown Belt // Apt. 9 // Kohl's (similar)
Gold Flip Flops // White House Black Market
Gold Cuff Bracelet // Candies // Kohl's (similar)
Gold Earrings // ?? (similar)

The next morning (Saturday) we woke up early(ish) and had lunch in the hotel, sat by the pool and then decided to explore Paphos.  We walked down to the harbor and on the way I spotted some clothing shops!  So, the boyfriend made fun of me for being excited about seeing a Debenhams and a Peacocks, because they are the Kohls of the UK.  I did not let his mockery dampen my shopping spirits.  I bought 3 dresses, a necklace and a headband.  If it wasn't for those damn baggage weight limits I probably would have bought more...haha.  I'm going to do a whole post about some UK stores and designers later this week.  So, I need to save some material for that.  Since going on vacation, I've been perusing UK stores, and I like what I see.

And after my shopping detour we made it to the harbor for some drinks overlooking the water.  We had a lovely sweet white wine.  I can remember that is was made in Limassol and was named St. P-something.  I was too relaxed to be obsessive about anything!!  I seriously have not been that relaxed in months.  Sitting by the harbor, sipping wine on a sunny jaw finally unclenched.
Gathered Hemlock Dress // Anthropologie
Gold Flip Flops // White House Black market
Clutch // Chinese Laundry
Faceted Oblong Ring // Forever 21
Sunglasses // LaCoste

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