Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Wore: How to Ruin Your Day in 7 Minutes or Less (OOTD 1.16.12)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stuff I Wore: How to Ruin Your Day in 7 Minutes or Less (OOTD 1.16.12)

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Yesterday morning, my world collapsed in 7 minutes.  Yes, 7 minutes.  I started the day off by waking up late, which is not too much of a tragedy, but then everything fell apart.  I went to grab a shirt out of the closet, and it was gone.  So, of course I yelled.  The Scot's solution to the missing clothing catastrophe: leave the apartment and go to work early.  He is such a smart man.  Well, as I was picking out a new outfit, the cats began to fight resulting in dishes of cat food getting knocked on the floor.  As I was tending to a bloody cat ear while standing in a pile of cat food, the dog began to eat some of the fallen cat food.  And then of course, just to further ruin my day, the dog throws up....on the pile of cat food on the floor.  I can deal with being late to work and cleaning up animal fluids....but $10 worth of cat food was ruined!!!  Do you think any one would have blamed me if I made my coffee "irish" that morning at work?  I didn't, but I did have a hot chocolate and a bag of chocolate chip cookies for breakfast instead of my usual black coffee and bowl of boring unsugared cereal.
And, oh yeah, I winterized one of my Lilly Bloomingdale sale finds.  I forgot, this blog is supposed to be about fashion, not dog throw up.
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