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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linking up with This Kind of Love for "What I'm Loving Wednesday."  There might be some overlap with "What I'm Loving" on Wednesdays and my monthly "What I Love" List.  If you see something twice, you know it's super awesome.

1.  Shamrock Shakes.  They're a minty gift from the gods.

2. My Sense of Whimsy.  I like a lot of childish whimsical things.  You can find me on Saturday mornings eating Lucky Charms and watching Spongebob.  (I'm also quite partial to the Penguins of Madagascar).  The Scot is pretty much the least whimsical person I have ever met.  He had only seen one Disney movie before meeting me, The Lion King (at least it's a good one).  And he didn't even see it until he was in his 20's!!!  He has now seen Beauty and the Beast and Cars 2 (on opening weekend).  My sister shares my whimsical sense.  She called me on Saturday just to let me know The Lion King and Aladdin were both on.  Exact quote from my sister: "I can't wait to sing A Whole New World."  Well, I love all things cartoon-y and have already purchased my tickets to see "The Lorax."  It combines two of my loves: cartoons and environmentalism.  My mom blames that book for my life path. 
3. My new 'dew.'  I'm talking about my dewy complexion.  I just invested in some highlighter and a new foundation (reviews coming soon) and I could not be happier with the results.  I never considered using a highlighter until reading about it over on Marion Berry Style.  I don't know if others can notice the difference, but I do.  I've pretty much been looking at myself in every reflective surface I can find.  Vanity is my downfall.

4. Leaving Work 'Early.'  Early actually means by 5pm.  Yeah, I know, grieve for me.  Tomorrow is the debut of the Mad Men Collection at Banana Republic.  I will be leaving work early to get to my local Banana Republic before heading to the gym.  I figured I shouldn't try on clothes after getting all sweaty.

5. Workin' on my Fitness.  I've been going to the gym lately.  I am pretty out of shape and sometimes can't turn the steering wheel on my way home.  After my first session with a personal trainer I almost had to figure out a way how to get home without making any turns.  So far I've lost 3 lbs!!  I actually lost 6, but gained three back on a binge weekend in Philly.  The beer and nachos were worth the 3 lbs.

6. Champion on Parks and Rec.  He's a dog, he has three legs, and he is awesome.  Any, oh yeah, he's a she named Lucy.  On Parks and Rec she plays April and Andy's pooch and in real life she's a rescued pit bull that has starred in commercials and Jackass 2.

7. Teaching an old dog new tricks.  I'm not actually talking about my dog, I'm talking about the Scot.  I sent him to the grocery store the other day with a list AND a stack of coupons.  He actually came back with all the correct items AND remembered to use the coupons AND got the extra $1 off coupon for buying certain items.  He now claims this was a fluke.  

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