Penniless Socialite: Anthro on a Budget: Volume 2

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Anthro on a Budget: Volume 2

(including Anthropologie, Gap and Banana Republic items) 

So this blog isn't just about fashion, it's about affordable fashion. Yes, I own several Anthropologie dress, however, they don't make up the majority of my closet. I mostly bargain hunt. So, here's another installment of "Anthro on a Budget" I'm thinking of making this a monthly series and perhaps branching outside of Anthro. What do you think?

Trinket Flats Frugal Option

Trinket Flats Frugal Option by veggielawyer

I wanted the Trinket Flats from Anthro SO BADLY.  However, they were leather, and I do not wear leather.  (insert vegetarian soap box here).  Then, along came my best friend (in my imagination) Lauren Conrad.  I would be mad that LC has apparently been secretly stalking my thoughts and ideas if I did not love her so much.
Enchanted Button Back Dress Frugal Option

Trove Top Frugal Option

Gossamer Birch Shell Frugal Option

Verdent Slip Dress Frugal Option

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