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Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Fancies: The Last Weekend of Summer

Friday's Fancies: Labor Day

I usually try to be honest with my outfit posts.  Although this is what I want to wear this Labor Day, I am not sure if this will come to fruition.  This weekend is devoted to par-taying it up with my sister, which usually necessitates a more casual outfit.

This is my last weekend with my sister before she moves to San Francisco.  I haven't quite processed it yet that she is moving clear across the country.  So, I will be sending her off in style with a day of drinking and then dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings for her final goodbye beers.  I don't know why we like Buffalo Wild Wings so much, but I pretty much pay the rent at the one near my apartment.  Maybe it's an atmosphere where we can drink as much as we want and burp as loud as we want without feelings judged.  Maybe it's the fact that there are 9,000 TV's playing every sporting event imaginable.  I don't know, but that place has a certain something about it.  And, as a vegetarian, I don't even eat wings.  They do have hot pretzels and I do love my carbs smothered in 3 sauces of my choosing.
However, as this is the last weekend of summer, I need to make the most of my time with my sister and my beloved summer dresses.

Last Weekend of Summer Dresses

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