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Thursday, September 20, 2012

On a Budget: Fall Fashion

This is a scheduled post as I am currently on vacation in Scotland.  Yay!  I won't be able to respond to your comments until next Friday.  So, if I don't get back to you, it doesn't mean I don't love ya!

So, my Anthro on a Budget posts went over so well, that I've decided to branch out and include other retailers.  There are so many Fall items I want, but my wallet just isn't full of enough cash.  
Peplum Sweater Frugal Options

Peplum Sweater Frugal Options by veggielawyer

I swooned when I saw the peplum sweater in Tory Burch's Fall line.  However, I cried a little when I saw the price tag.  I found the best three options I could for an affordable peplum sweater.  However, it looks like many affordable retailers have not transferred the peplum trend into their Fall lines.  

J. Crew Chicken Sweater Frugal Option

J. Crew Chicken Sweater Frugal Option by veggielawyer

J. Crew's chicken sweater is ADORABLE.  Who doesn't love a chicken in a beret?  However, I don't think I love it as much as my monthly grocery bill.  Although no retailers are offering a sweater with a cartoon chicken in a sassy hat, Target has some other cute animal options.

Fluted Ponte Dress Frugal Option

Fluted Ponte Dress Frugal Option by veggielawyer

Ok, I know I said I was branching out to other retailers, but I could not resist showing you this adorable (and affordable) dress from Sheinside.  How cute would that dress be with come black tights and black flats?  Maybe red flats?  Am I getting too crazy here?
J. Crew Pave Link Bracelet Frugal Options

J. Crew Pave Link Bracelet Frugal Options by veggielawyer 

I loved this chunky J. Crew bracelet at first sight.  It's the perfect addition to any arm party.  But, at $125, it's more expensive than all my bracelets combined.  I couldn't find anything bargain priced that is jewel encrusted, but I these pretties have that same chunky link look.
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